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20111215 又是我用三張街外實景影的DC相合成的 , 不過是各有剪裁才合 (之前盡量恪守s/s) ; 並且加了自用相框 .

惦念未遇合的 ; 心知收受的 , 此秒之前的種種 ; 而且中西冬節都將至 .
幾日前夢中致電 , 他大聲話 : 正在做女紅 ; 就是他的功夫到哩 .

15 Dec.2011 相配合的Yahoo Blog Title 網誌標題圖

聽歌啦 :

Thank you   歌手 : 張國榮
(Eugenio Ocampo/A.Morris) 

大碟 : 情人箭  /  發行 : 1979年9月
There’s a peaceful easy feeling
Blowing softly thru the trees
Which welcomes in the morning light
That shines for me to see
And it takes me past my sorrow
And keeps me from the rain
For all these things I’d like to
Thank you once again
There’s a stairway in the mountains
And it leads up to the stars
And stars can move the clouds away
And keep me from the dark
And when I feel alone and lost
They’ll show me the way
For all these things I’d like to thank you once again

Thank you for the love
That’s right here in this song
Thank you for my dreams
For everything
Life has given me

We seldom stop to think that
We have travelled very far
Seen and heard a million things
Even wished upon a star
Cared for all the close friends
Who have passed along the way
For all these things and more
Thank you once again

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