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昨晚一點半 , DeeDee仔吠到出廳 , 因為新來三周的印印又發大聲開口夢 , 嘈到DeeDee仔呀 , 哈哈 ! 

平常只叫SmartBoy做至醒仔 , 話佢醒目 , 但我係話佢對聲音特別敏感 , 印印初來幾日時發夢講都唔係好大聲 , 佢已經要衝出工人房外吠她呢 .


今日和暖了(20c-24c), 帶DeeDee-Poodle仔去狗公園 .

公眾盆的水, 他是不飲的

昨日好忙(18c), 沒空閒 , 他仍揹著寒天的棉襖


在社交網站上,常見到飼主為愛犬愛貓製作相集,滿載牠們的可愛照片。攝影師Giacomo Brunelli卻以不同方式看動物,他常拍攝街頭動物,在街上游走取材,曾瞪視流浪犬,有的犬隻好奇望他,有的則害怕逃去,他就按下快門,捕捉動物率真一面。
在35mm黑白菲林拍下的相片別具味道,Giacomo更喜歡蹲下,拍照時盡量與動物處於同一水平,以牠們的角度看世界。The Animals展覽即日至2010年3月26日於倫敦    Photofusion舉行,讓觀者欣賞他鏡頭下的動物世界。
地址﹕Photofusion, 17a Electric Lane, London, SW9 8LA
電話﹕+44 (0)20 7738 5774
文﹕甄俊宇 – (明報)2010年2月17日 星期三 05:10

“When I focus on the subjects I tend to be very precise, and I only take pictures in the natural morning light," Giacomo Brunelli explains. “Once I see an animal that I want to photograph, I try to ignore it then I run after it which usually gains a response; sometimes I just stare at it and see what happens. Their reactions are different, sometimes they are curious about the camera and sometimes they get scared about the noise of the shutter. When I am dealing with dead animals I pick them up from the ground and place them where I think the setting works. In this case my interaction with the animal is a way to give purpose to something that it no longer has."

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