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最近有客戶查詢《Acupuncture Charts ( Wall Type–for hanging ) 針灸大掛圖》, 我才察覺這篇網誌 Acupuncture Books 針灸書籍 in English 漏了資料 .
現補充如下 :
針灸大掛圖 4charts per box
每片獨立大掛圖54x111cm (共4幅)
4幅不同(如上)掛圖 一個包裝 (如小圖所示)

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針灸書籍及大掛圖三款 , 全英文版本

Acupuncture Charts ( Wall Type–for hanging ) 針灸大掛圖
       Since first published in 1974, due to its academic
authenticity and multi- indication of the points as well
as high printing quality, this set of 4 charts has been the
best seller all over the world for several decades. 
      There are three charts of Front, Back,and Lateral view
showing 361 points of the 14 principal meridians, the 117
“strange" points and 110 newly discovered points. The
fourth chart shows ear and hand points and newly
discovered head acupuncture areas.
       The points are indicated in Chinese, Wade-Giles
Pronunciation System, common adopted numbers and the
numbers appearing on plastic model.
      The charts are widely used to post or framed to hang
on the wall of classrooms or clinics.

Acupuncture Charts ( in Book Form ) 針灸圖表書
       Exact 4 charts as the Wall Type but size reduced
and bound in hard cover book form. This handy form
makes it very popular among acupuncture practitioners
and learners.

Easy Locating of Acupuncture Points 針灸簡易取穴法
     Accurate, confident and quick locating of acupuncture
points is the key to achieve effective treatment results
Based on their rich experiences accumulated in practice
for decades, the three authors summed up handy point-
locating methods for 200 frequently used points and the
choosing, locating, needling techniques for treatment of
some 30 common diseases
      The book first published in Chinese in the 80′s and
not suprisingly became the most popular handbook
among acupuncture practitioners and students all over
China. Therefore, it is expected the English-read students
and practitioners will find this English edition very useful
and beneficial.

全新 , 直接由出版社出倉 .

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