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時間:2012年10月5日(星期五) 下午三點半至五點

Hong Kong Memories in Cinema (Book + DVD)
中英雙語對照 Chinese-English Bilingual
編者:Editor: 傅慧儀 Winnie Fu
鄭政恆 Matthew Cheng Ching-hang、許旭筠 Amanda Hsu Yuk-kwan、黃勁輝 Ben Wong King-fai、黃淑嫻 Mary Wong Shuk-han、也斯 Leung Ping-kwan, ,
Hong Kong Memories in Cinema is a research output derived from CHR’s collaboration with the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) in the past two years. It is a Chinese-English bilingual book published by HKFA, authored by the staff and fellows of CHR ably assisted by Lingnan students who helped to collect research materials. The book reviews the development of Hong Kong cinema in the past century and introduces its cinema culture to the worldwide audience. The attached DVD consists of precious film footage of Hong Kong in the first half of the 20th century, plus finely selected film footage that reflects the social and ethnographical changes of Hong Kong from the post-war years to post-97.

最近有客戶查詢《Acupuncture Charts ( Wall Type–for hanging ) 針灸大掛圖》, 我才察覺這篇網誌 Acupuncture Books 針灸書籍 in English 漏了資料 .
現補充如下 :
針灸大掛圖 4charts per box
每片獨立大掛圖54x111cm (共4幅)
4幅不同(如上)掛圖 一個包裝 (如小圖所示)

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